Mechanics of Nature

Mechanics of Nature

IN COLLABORATION WITH: ARC Kënschtlerkrees (Luxembourg)

ARTISTS: Anne-Marie GRIMLER, Assy JANS, Cahide EREL, Eva PAULIN, Fabienne GOERENS, Florence HOFFMANN, Florin BALABAN, Günseli TOKER, Isabelle PIRSON, Jessica THEIS, Jill MICHELS, Josiane GINTER, Marina HERBER, Nora JUHASZ, Patricia LIPPERT & Pascale BEHRENS, Rol BACKENDORF, Serge KOCH, Yvette RISCHETTE, Zahrée VEERMAN

OPENING: 13 October 2020

TYPE: painting, sculpture, photography

Explore nature as you have never seen before, in this fantastic new exhibition at Gallery Ex Machina.

Featuring powerful and playful works from the artists group ARC Kënschtlerkrees from Luxembourg, the collection showcases the synthesis of natural and the industrial as the complex and chaotic order of nature becomes a machine.

Join us in this unique exploration in art, where fantasy meets nature and all living beings including humans, plants, and animals, become mechanical.

The exhibition will be open between 13th – 24th of October 2020 at Gallery Ex Machina.