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Mission & History

Our gallery aims to merge the old and the new, the traditional and the technological in its remodelled 15th century architecture, as well as in the selection of art works we exhibit.

Located in the historically and culturally rich Gothic quarter of Barcelona, Gallery Ex Machina embodies the unique characteristics of its spectacular location to offer you a new way to experience art and technology.

Gallery Ex Machina, meaning “gallery from the machine”, draws references from Steampunk and Cyberpunk elements. With the participation of artists around the world, the gallery exhibits paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures (and much more), exploring the intriguing, inevitable, and inextricably complex relationship between humans and technology.

The dialectic game between the traditional and the technological, the expected and the unexpected, the inside and the outside are reflected to the façade itself.

The next time you visit us, don’t miss our beautiful staircase!

The technological influences of the gallery are also visible in its award-winning architecture, with a curious mix of brick, metal, cables and pulley systems.