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2086 – Into the Future

Take part in the exhibition 2086, exploring the future that awaits us. Will it be a utopia of technological marvels, a dystopia of electrical jungles, or a completely new worldscape?


Click on the icon below to download the competition booklet.


UPDATE: Due to the latest global events, the registration deadline to the competition has been extended until 10 May 2020.

Registration deadline: 3rd May 2020

Please note that each student can register ONLY once. Each registration allows you 2 submissions.


– Can I still join the competition if I am graduating this summer?

Yes. As long as you are enrolled as a student at your school at the end of the time of the submission (1st of June 2020), you can compete.

– Can I submit an artwork that is a different size?

The only accepted dimensions for the submitted pieces are 30x30cm or 50x70cm. Any other submissions will be eliminated. However, if you choose to present your work in the 50x70cm format, it is up to you to present it horizontally or vertically.

– I am planning on creating a painting. How can I submit it?

In the case of any non-digital artwork, take a high resolution photo of your piece and submit it in the required JPEG form, no larger than 10MB. Please take care that the colors and other charactersitics of your artwork are unaltered and represented accurately in the photo.

– Do I have to submit 2 pieces?

No. Registering for the competition gives you the right to enter 2 pieces, but you can choose to submit only one piece.

-How does the reference number work?

The reference numbers help us protect the anonymity of the submissions. At the registration, you will be provided with 2 unique codes. (For example: GEM_A1B2C3D4) Each of these codes can be used to submit ONE artwork. If you plan to submit only one piece, you can use any one of the two codes.

– I have lost my reference numbers. What should I do?

It is very important to note down your reference numbers. New ones will not be given. After successfully completing the registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you with your reference codes. If you have lost this email, please contact faq@galleryexmachina.com for support.